What is GnoTract?

Gno comes from the Greek work gnosis (γνῶσις) which means "knowledge" and Tract has a Latin etymology means "to pull." Together, GnoTract signifies the idea of pulling or extracting insight and knowledge from your data to provide insights, analytics, and predictions.

Consulting for clinical research, business analysis, data science, big data analysis, predictive analytics, machine learning, statistics, general problem-solving, and more.

Consulting areas for soft skills include project and task management, talent acquisition, leadership and team management, personal knowledge management, virtual and digital workflow organization, and general organization skills.

For business inquiries please contact:,

Dr. John C, Tan

About Us:

Under the direction of Dr. John Tan, GnotTract is passionate about synthesizing data science techniques and philosophies with other types of data (medical, biological, business) to obtain new insights to improve their respective metrics.


Rupert Marin, PHR

Meet the Team:

Rupert Marin is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR), with a specialty in Employment Law. His approach is data-driven, ensuring key factors are identified to produce powerful people management programs.